Patients & Producers Alliance Lawsuit Challenges Troubled Medical Marijuana Scheme

TALLAHASSEE — A South Florida cannabis advocacy group is filing a lawsuit claiming the already embattled approval process for medical marijuana growers violates the 2016 constitutional amendment approved by Florida voters. 

The suit, to be filed Wednesday by Gainesville lawyer Jon Mills on behalf of the Plantation-based Patients and Producers Alliance, claims the rigid structure written in S.B. 8A — including the 10-license limit for growers — violates the amendment. 

“The theme is it’s not supposed to deter patients from access,” Mills told POLITICO on Tuesday. “The amendment was written so that all patients can have unrestricted access to this type of medical treatment.” 

It will join at least seven other ongoing lawsuits filed in Leon County Circuit Court challenging the law. 

State Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg) said the suits show the law needs to be rewritten. 

“This law has so many glaring problems,” Brandes said. “It just drips with special interests and with crony capitalism.” 

Mills authored the November 2016 ballot amendment supported by 71 percent of voters. His suit states the language in the amendment never called for licenses. In fact, it was written to allow as many growers as possible. “We wanted there to be every opportunity possible,” he said. 

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