Medical Marijuana May be Legal, but Patients Still go Without in Florida

When Seth Hyman first began to buy medical marijuana in Florida for his 12-year-old daughter last year, he hoped it would be the answer to fixing her life-threatening seizures.

A genetic disorder means Rebecca, who cannot walk or speak, had about a hundred seizures daily, from a few seconds to a few minutes long. But the Weston father, who began lobbying the legislature in 2014 when it passed an initial bill legalizing a limited form of medical marijuana, said the family faced hurdles even after Rebecca was approved to obtain the drug.

 A limited number of growers has meant fewer varieties they can test to try managing Rebecca's condition, and she still has around 50 seizures a day, Hyman said. Even the varieties that are available are in low supply.

"With the current system, you're very limited to the strains of product that are available," said Hyman... "Some patients can't even get their medicine."

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