Amendment 2: Analysis of Intent


When interpreting new laws, courts frequently refer to the intent of the “framers”, or intent of the
legislature. The concept is to understand the purposes behind the drafting of a statute or constitutional provision. In the case of initiatives in Florida, it is important for voters to be aware of intent and that once voters approve an amendment, courts know that the interpretations are in fact the intent of informed voters as well. Voters should vote for an amendment fully understanding the intent of the drafters.

This document is a statement of intent that the drafters of Florida's Medical Cannabis Amendment (amendment 2)  published prior to the adoption by the voters.  The purpose was so that voters could fully understand the intent of the drafters and make an educated decision when voting.

Fostering voter understanding is the central purpose of this memo, and Florida for Care published this memo to express "the intent of the individuals who drafted the language for Amendment 2."